First Vinyl Boat Wrap Job from 20 Years Ago

How long do vehicle and boat wraps last? Apparently quite a long time.

Just a few weeks ago I was driving down the road here in Brantford and was so surprised to see an old vinyl wrap job we serviced almost 20 years ago. In fact, this was the very first job that Jackson Signs did.

The job was for a boat for a guy named Gary who loved to take to the waters and cruise around, especially in the summer of 2000. I decided to stop my car, jump out, and take a look at it just to make some comparisons to how we apply wraps today, and to see how it fared all these years.

Below is a shot I took of the boat, and as you can see the wraps have actually held up their end of the bargain.

20 year old vinyl boat wrap

Of course after this many years in service, it’s easy to see that the vinyl is failing, and that wrap colours seem to be slightly failing but that’s part and parcel to two decades of use. Not to mention there’s a huge difference between the materials that were used 20 years ago versus the potential for longevity of the products we use today.

Vinyl wraps, then and now

As I said above, the quality, diversity and availability of products that go into vinyl wraps have changed so much since our first job. Materials have substantially improved so much, applications and techniques have changed and evolved, the surface cleaners have become so much better and efficient, and the vinyl wrap product themselves have become to much stronger.

Plus now the industry has come out with extremely strong adhesion promoters which increase the adhesion ability of a wrap of to at least 5 more times than was previously possible. For the most part we prefer to use a 3M adhesion promoter which we’ve found produces the best results, and helps the artwork withstand abuse, deep-freeze winters, and scorching summer heat.

Watch the video below where I explain the whole story for you:

When we first did this job for Gary we used the products that were available at that time, but if we had used the products that were available today, we could safely say that this wrap job would have probably continued to look sharp for another 20 years, and still look as good as the day we did it. There’s been vast improvements in the quality of the material available and the application techniques have substantially evolved as well. This means that today’s wraps are much more advanced than they were years ago, and customers need not worry about their advertising endeavours going to waste any time soon.

Luckily times have changed, and wrap products and application kits have become so advanced that most vehicle wraps (including wraps for boats, buses, trucks and vans) can be guaranteed to look as sharp and vibrant for at least more than a decade.

When it comes to promoting a business, this is more than enough time to get your money’s worth, and get your brand recognized in the community for years to come.

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