We produce high quality vinyl vehicle wraps and graphics, that help you increase your brand’s awareness and business identity in Brantford.

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Commercial Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

We produce high quality vinyl vehicle wraps and graphics, that help you increase your brand’s awareness and business identity in Brantford. We wrap cars, vans, fleet trucks, trailers, golf-carts, and boats for businesses or for personal use. The following are picture examples of various vinyl vehicle wraps, graphics, window film and magnets for cars, trucks, buses, boats, buggies and more. If you have any questions about the process or materials used in our vinyl vehicle wrap design process, feel free to contact us with your questions.

Performance Car Wraps

We will wrap your entire vehicle or only specific parts that you want wrapped like the spoiler, the hood, the roof, the trunk, window trim, mirrors and doors. There are no colour limitations and we can also wrap in complete carbon fibre black. Customize your ride with any style you’re looking for by adding racing stripes, new colour changes and amazing textures.

Vehicle Hood Wraps

Wrapping your vehicle hood not only makes it look sharp and compelling, but it’s much more cost effective than giving it a new paint job. Wraps are harder to scratch and far more durable than most paint. If you have scratches and other spots you want to hide, we have an array of colour and style options to make your hood look new again.

Vinyl Container Wraps

Wraps for large containers including storage containers. debris and shipping containers. Improvements in vinyl wrap products let virtually any shape or surface to be wrapped with digitally-printed graphics. If you own a line of containers of any kind – for any purpose – labeling it with your brand is simply and easy.

Vinyl Trailer Wraps

We design, print and install trailer wraps and decals for trailers, horse trailers, concession trucks, transport trailers, motor cross trailers and much more. Increase brand awareness and business identify with long-lasting, bright and vibrant wraps for your trailer. Our high quality vinyl graphics, wraps, perforated window film, decals and magnets will have your trailer working overtime by advertising your brand and business wherever you are in the country and promoting it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Quality Trailer Wraps & Decals

Trailer wrap graphics produce the absolute most memorable visual impressions on potential customers – more so than almost any other form of advertising. Big trucks and trailers tend to stand out much more than other vehicles on the road simply because of their size, and when they’re wrapped professionally and properly, they send the message that you’re a well established company, and open for new business. Wraps can be applied on all types of trailers including:
  • fleet trailers
  • horse carriages
  • concession truck trailers
  • transport trailers
  • motor cross trailers
  • landscaping company trailers
  • flatbed trailers
  • dry vans
  • refrigerated trailers
  • extendable flatbeds
  • all specialty trailers and more!

The Benefits of Trailer Wrap Mobile Advertising

  • can be used as temporary or permanent forms of advertising
  • easy to update and repair if necessary
  • protects your trailer from damage from the elements
  • reach thousands of potential customers a day – driving or parked
  • convey the most professional and established look to your customers
  • protection from being vandalized and easy to replace
Trailer wraps don’t only stand out while you’re on the road and make people look your way, but they help potential customers remember your brand name and services too. Your trailer wraps send a message when your trailer is parked, sitting in shopping malls, at local events, sitting at stop lights, or cruising on the road and highways. Even when you stop working, the wraps on your trailer will continue to work for you and will be one of your most effective forms of advertising for years to come.