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Kraft Paper Business Cards

Order Kraft paper business cards and stand out from the competition. These business cards are most suitable for bold, dark-coloured designs, the fibres of the paper will give your design a natural look. 100% recyclable cards produced - perfect option for those who like to print on high quality paper stock, but with an environmentally friendly look and feel.

18PT Kraft Board

Simple yet striking, Kraft Paper business cards are unique in appearance and feel. With their cool vintage look, they are a high quality paper stock that’s environmentally friendly.


Slim and stylish, these cards will easily slip into any pocket, purse, or bag.

100% Recycled Paper

Our Kraft paper from recycled card stocks enables you to be environmentally conscious without having to worry about compromising quality or budget.

Lamination + SPOT UV Business Cards

Order these luxurious laminated spot UV business cards—custom printed with clear gloss applied to any area of your choice.
  • Choose from soft touch (19pt) or matte lamination (18pt)
  • Slightly raised clear UV gloss
  • Lamination provides a protective layer for cards
  • Perfect for adding tactile elements to print

Premium Stock Cards

Our high quality 16pt stock is covered in lamination film to produce a premium 18pt card (silky matte) or 19pt card (soft touch).

Clear Spot UV

Make designs pop on your clients’ business cards with clear spot UV that brings out the colours of the design and adds emphasis to what matters most.

A Tactile Experience

The smooth feel of our laminations combined with the slightly raised spot UV creates a powerful tactile experience through print.  

Matte Lamination + Gold / Silver Foil Business Cards

Order raised foil postcards at great prices. These foil postcards stand out with their silver or gold custom foil printing. Our wholesale foil printing produces a premium look popular for high-end postcards and certificates.

16pt + 2pt Laminated Stock

If you want to make a strong first impression, foil business cards will help you emit professionalism and give your marketing materials an elegance to be held in high regard.

Premium Feel

Our metallic foil cards hold a reassuring, physical quality that lets your customers know they’re in the right hands.

Raised Foil

Raised foil adds an additional layer of texture to your card. It allows for a designated area to be given more prominence, ensuring your card receives a great deal of interest and professionalism.

Reflective Foil

This specialty technique produces your artwork in your choice of gold or silver foil color, stamped onto the card for stunning results.

Pearl Paper Business Cards

Order a unique stock business card that shimmers when seen at different angles, Pearl Paper business cards are ingrained with pearl fibres that give the paper a smooth, metallic look. It will also help to give the lighter colours of your design a subtle shimmer. Through its artistic aesthetic, it is perfect for designers, marketers, or anyone who wants to attract attention from an appearance standpoint.

Pearlescents 110lb

With a classy shine and smooth feeling, Pearl Paper business cards are ideal for designs using light colors that enhance the reflective, light catching surface of the paper stock.

Unique Pearl Texture

Offering a metallic shimmer and sparkle that is sure to impress viewers. If you are looking to get noticed in a subtle way, the shine that comes with these cards can’t be beat.


Slim and stylish, these cards will easily slip into any pocket, purse, or bag.

100% Recyclable

Our specialty cards are made from material that is eco-friendly and can safely be recycled.

Soft Touch (Suede) Business Cards

Order custom printed soft touch laminate business cards at great prices. These quality soft, matte and velvet business cards enhance their thickness to help them stand out from the rest in addition to their soft touch finish. Soft touch business cards are sometimes called suede business cards for their luxurious feel.
  • Soft, matte, velvet-like surface
  • 19pt thickness (16pt stock + 3pt lamination)
  • Lamination adds protection against scratches and smudges
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19pt Business Cards

The soft touch laminate adds a layer to these business cards, enhancing their thickness to help them stand out from the rest in addition to their soft touch finish.

Velvet Feel

Soft touch business cards (also known as suede or velvet business cards) give your clients a soothing tactile experience with their velvet texture.

Protective Finish

The soft touch lamination film has protective qualities that keep your custom business cards scratch-free and smudge-proof.

Ultra Smooth Business Cards

Order ultra smooth 16pt un-coated business cards which are perfect for high end cards that blend professionalism with simplicity.
  • 16pt un0coated stock
  • Completely uniform, blank surface free of texture
  • Super smooth surface makes images more pronounced

Super Smooth Cards

These ultra smooth business cards are so textureless that touching them feels almost like running your hand over a polished countertop.

Enhanced Images

The smooth surface of this business card stock creates a bright white canvas that helps your artwork stand out crisp and clear.

Simple and Professional

These premium business cards are classy and minimalistic. They are perfect for luxury brands, professional services, and high end businesses.

Waterproof and Tear Resistant Business Cards

Order high quality substrate business cards printed on synthetic paper and perfect for customized and short run designs. These cards are sourced from 100% recyclable raw materials - non-toxic, and extremely durable. They are waterproof and tear resistant which guarantee your business cards will always look great and professional.

16pt Tear / Waterproof Stock

Completely waterproof, tear resistant, 100% tree free, and recyclable; these business cards are extremely durable and perfect for short run designs.

100% Waterproof

These cards can stand the worst weather conditions without having their ink run off.


These cards will stand the test of time without becoming ripped apart - making them perfect for membership or loyalty cards.

100% Recyclable

Our specialty cards are made from material that is eco-friendly and can safely be recycled.