Promote your business with custom dimensional signs for business, corporate, non-profit and personal use in Brantford and neighbouring towns.

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3D Letter Signs – 3D Channel Letters

Promote your business with custom 3D letter signs for business, corporate, non-profit and personal use in Brantford and neighbouring towns. Your 3 Dimensional signs can be produced with strong metals, plastic, acrylic, vinyl, aluminum, silver, brass, bronze or wood products. Dimensional signs are perfect for businesses such as real estate offices, store-fronts, restaurant lobbies, hotel entrances, law firms, retail spaces and any other professional setting. Jackson Signs will design, manufacture and install your sign to your exact specifications and requirements. All our dimensional signage is produced with the material of your choice, to match the environment it will be installed in. If you have any questions about the installation or materials used in our process, feel free to contact us with your questions. Three dimensional letter signage (cutout letter signs) are a popular choice for corporate offices, retail outlets, law firms and restaurants, salons, health clinics, auto dealerships and so much more. They make elegant and professional looking reception and lobby signs, monument signs, and they can be integrated into business awnings and installed as storefront signs.

The Benefits

Outdoor 3 dimensional sign example in BrantfordColourful and professional looking 3D letter signs are great for both indoor or outdoor usage. They continue to look great for up to ten to 15 years if they’re washed down every few months and quickly polished at least twice a year. The following are the main benefits of 3D signs:
  • simple to maintain
  • extremely eye-catching
  • highly attractive
  • professional looking
  • strong and durable
  • easy to install
  • long lasting
  • are manufactured quickly
  • convey professionalism and success

3D Letter Lighting Options

  • backlit options
  • halo lit options
  • LED power saving diodes
  • fluorescent backlights
  • fluorescent retrofit LED upgrades
  • incandescent theatre effects
  • overhead lighting
  • solar powered lighting
For smaller signs we can mount a wireless solar energy generating unit which will save you electricity and installation costs, and can be photo-activated (turns on at night) or timed to your specifications.

3D Letter Sign Maintenance and Refurbishing Services

Exterior We understand that 3D letter signs are a serious investment so we provide a sign maintenance which will help ensure your sign is always in shape. We polish your sign on a regular basis, check for loose screws and bolts, and reposition it if it’s fallen out of place. Even though they’re one of the strongest signs you can install, severe weather and extreme temperatures can destabilize them which is why they should be inspected every couple of years. Interior For interior 3D signs, we polish and tighten them to make sure they’re always looking attractive and are well maintained.

How Fast Can I Get My Sign Installed

It depends on the size and complexity of the signs’ design. Once the design, style and dimensions are approved it could take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to delivery the final products. The necessary products are usually shipped to us within a few days and from there we get started.

Lifetime Warranty

Jackson Signs provides a lifetime warranty on most of our 3 dimensional sign products. Call for details.

Office Lobby & Reception Signage

Upgrade your office reception area with new custom lobby signs that are eye-catching, professional looking and stand out to your visitors. We will design, print, manufacture ,and integrate your logo and custom message into your office reception sign, which will leave a memorable impression on your visitors and convey the high level of professionalism and service you provide.

The Materials We Use

We use a wide variety of materials for office reception and business lobby signs including bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic and more. Our high-impact visual designs combined with our manufacturing techniques, create a powerful statement your clients will remember. We only use high quality material in the development of our lobby and office signs and we completely match the existing style of your office – ensuring your sign will be a masterpiece. When it comes to custom office lobby signs, Jackson Signs will get the job done right, the first time. If you have any questions about the development procedure and on how to get started, feel free to contact us with your questions.

Why Install Lobby Signage

Reception and lobby signs improve the perception of professionalism by your visitors. They leave your customers feeling a sense of trust in your brand and services. They enhance the overall look of your business, and custom lobby signs give you the biggest bang for your dollar.

How To Get Started

Provide us with your logo and after we get a little bit of information from you, your sign will be built.