Social Distancing Decals & Floor Directional Stickers For Businesses

Help your employees and customers stay safe with social distancing and floor direction decals that are designed to be attractive and are able endure years of traffic. Call us at 519-861-2737 today to get started.

Directional floor decal social distancingYour retail customers and employees will appreciate attempts to maintain physical distancing and they’ll feel safe while they’re at your business or store. Your graphics will be removable, and can be applied to floors, shelves, windows and walls.

Our floor decals are printed on a slip-resistant surface and will help your customers prevent the spread of the germs and contagious viruses including COVID-19. Our decals will help you flatten the curve and encourage everyone at your business to do the same.

We supply physical distancing floor and window decals that come in various sizes. These decals come with pre-set messages so you can simply order them and use them right away once they’re shipped.

Custom & Preset Decals

Preset Decals

The following floor decal designs are pre-designed so you can order them more quicker and more easily. If these are the decals you’re interested in, simply use the quote form on this page to get started and we’ll message you back promptly.

Pre-designed physical distancing floor graphics

It’s easy to get your set of pre-designed decals:

  • Step 1: Choose a pre-made design
  • Step 2: Visit our quote page
  • Step 3: We’ll print and ship it

Simply visit our quote page or use the form on this page to get started.

Custom Social Distancing Decals

We can design your social distancing decals at any size and colour you require, and also with your custom message.

Custom social distance floor decals

Do order custom social distancing decals or floor decals for directions, visit our quote page to give us more direction as to your requirements (e.g. colours, size, message), and to upload your graphics if you have them.

Application Directions

Your social distancing decals and direction stickers will come neatly packed and damage free. Simply open the box, pull them out and after determining where you are going to apply them, carefully peel the back of the stickers off, and stick them where applicable. After you have applied the decals to the floor or other surface, apply pressure to the decal with a damp sponge or cloth to push out any air bubbles.

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