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It’s Time To Choose Your Summer Advertising Packages

Advertising flagsAdvertising season is around the corner and promotional tents, large print banners, plastic lawn signs, promo flags, table covers, fabric displays and are the items up for this years advertising plans.

Get Ahead of the Game

The Benefits of Early Advertising Product Selection

The start of a new year is well under way and sparks the beginning of the new advertising season. Early product selection allows you to more quickly attract new customers before your competition does and ensures your marketing products are customized, printed, packaged and delivered before the spring and summer rush. Avoid product sourcing issues, shipping delays, and maximize your marketing efforts by giving yourself ample time to plan, customize, and receive your advertising products.

  1. Increased Availability: By selecting your advertising products early, you increase the chances of getting the products you want in the quantities you need and on time. Popular items sell out quickly and need to be remanufactured, so ordering early means you have what you need when you need it and just in time for the summer advertising rush!
  2. Better Pricing: You’re going to find a lot of sales on promotional products if you start shopping early. Early selection lets you to take advantage of early bird discounts, bulk pricing, and other ‘spring specials’ that are often launched at this time.
  3. Better Planning: By ordering early you have much more time to plan how, when and why you’ll use your advertising products. You can choose the best locations, arrange for installation and have the most effective promotional campaigns setup that will maximize the impact of your advertising goals.
  4. More Time to Customize: Early selection equals more time to customize your advertising products with your company logo, tagline, other branding elements and your message. Customization takes time, so ordering early ensures that your products will be ready when you need them and exactly how you want them.
  5. More Time Flexibility: Early selection allows you to make changes and edits to your order where necessary. If your marketing plans happen to change or you need to adjust the quantity of products, you have more time to make these changes without sacrificing quality or delivery time.
  6. Better Lead Time: Early selection allows you to receive your advertising products well in advance of your event, show or campaign which gives you enough time to prepare and test your products before using them.

Best Summer Advertising Products

Promotional tentIf you’re ready to rev up your marketing campaigns and get ready for the summer rush, the following outdoor promotional products will help your business create the most impact:

Promotional Tents: Get ready for the advertising season with a high-quality promotional tent for the upcoming outdoor events, trade shows and product launches. Promotional tents are made with durable materials, your logo, your message and stand strong—rain or shine. With plenty of room for branding, your customers will definitely notice you.

Large Print Banners: Here’s your chance to make a big impression with large print banners. Large print banners easily grab the attention of your target audience using vibrant colours and bold messaging. They’re perfect for outdoor events, store fronts, and trade shows and they are one of the most cost-effective way to promote your business and get your message in front of the right people—new customers.

Plastic Lawn Signs: Plastic lawn signs are the classic, tried and tested way to successfully advertise your business. They’re extremely are easy to install, very lightweight, easy to customize and perfect for promoting your business, product or event on every street corner available. Lawn signs are weather-resistant and perfect for outdoor advertising. Simply place your signs where people can’t miss them.

Promo Flags: Promotional flags are also one of the greatest and easiest ways to promote your business, brand, product, or event. They’re perfect for outdoor events, trade shows, and product launches and these eye-catching—attention-grabbing flags are are guaranteed to grab people’s attention. With vibrant colours, bold messaging and a large printing area, your business will be on full display for everyone to see.

Table Covers: Table covers are a must-have for any trade show or product launch and purchasing them early in the year is a must. Table covers have a large printing area and are perfect for continued use throughout the whole year. They are durable, easy to clean and made with high-quality materials which makes them a great investment for the summer’s events.

Fabric Displays: Fabric displays are another versatile and eye-catching way to promote your business. They’re perfect for trade shows, product launches and all kinds of outdoor summer events. They’re pretty, eye-catching, are known to make a positive impact on potential customers. Fabric displays are made with high-quality materials, easy to set up and take down, and a convenient and cost-effective option for your next advertising campaign.

Where Can You Start?

Early selection of your advertising products is a smart and strategic move for any business looking to get ahead of the game and achieve their marketing goals. Don’t delay or wait until you find yourself rushing around looking for solutions. Start planning now and take advantage of the opportunities of getting your products ready and up and running before your competition does.